Our Lady's Miracle on 10/13/17: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

J.M.J. On this the 98th Anniversary of Our Lady's Sixth Apparition of 1917 in Fatima, Portugal, we ask for the heavenly intercession of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary.

I do not believe that I have ever seen in an English translation the article about the Miracle of the Sun that appeared in O Seculo, the Portuguese daily newspaper that was published in Lisbon. (That newspaper ceased to be published in 1977.)

Our Lady had promised a miracle. It occurred.

The most recent issue (September/October 2015) of Missio Immaculatae International offers this riveting account (pages 12-15), with pictures.

Should you like a copy of it, then please let me know.

Here is the last paragraph of the article, which was penned by Avelino de Almeida.

It remains to be seen what competent people 
will say about the macabre dancing of the sun 
in Fatima today that caused Hosannas to explode 
from the hearts of the faithful and left a deep 
impression on them--not leaving indifferent, either, 
the free thinkers and others not moved by 
any particular religious impulse, who went to 
the now-famous heath.

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