Our Blessed Lady Did Not Believe in and Support Her Divine Son?: Tuesday, October 27, 2015

J.M.J. Yesterday, I read this statement in a book that presents the Catholic Faith to adults.

Thus, in the Synoptic depiction of Mary during Jesus' ministry there is a development from the negative estimation of Mark to the positive one of Luke, with Matthew representing the middle ground.

The author was referring to the story in Saint Mark's Gospel when Jesus was considered to be "out of His mind" (3:21) by His family. It seems that the author wished to state that Our Lady, too, thought that Jesus was "crazy." 

This opinion is contrary to the longstanding Magisterial teaching that Mary fully believed in and cooperated with her Divine Son in His work of our Redemption.

Neither do I understand how Saint Mark can be said to depict Our Lady in a "negative" light nor comprehend how Saint Matthew chose "the middle ground."

We pray for the author, who is deceased, and we pray that we may be protected from all error.

V. Mary, Seat of Wisdom,

R. Pray for us.

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