Our Lady is the Mother of All Preborn Children: Sunday, January 31, 2016

J.M.J. In our age when preborn life in the womb is considered expendable, we must refer often to the truth that Gd is the Creator of all life. If there is any doubt that conception has occurred, then it is morally repugnant to disturb the human life that is now developing.

The Mother of God has concern for all of her sons and daughters, especially those who are in most need. Those who are in danger of abortion are in the gravest need.

How pleased she is when we do all that we can to promote the sanctity of human life and protect life in the womb!

Finally, please be careful about succumbing to the seductive argument that it would be better to have contraception available so that there are fewer abortions.

Contraception, like abortion, is an intrinsic evil and must never be practiced.

Our Lady of Life, pray for us, and pray for our brothers and sisters who are in the womb.

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