The Mother of Mercy: Saturday, November 26, 2016 (The Centenary of Fatima)


Mater Misericordiae

Popes and Bishops often end their pastoral letters with a reference to Our Lady as our Spiritual Mother.

The Ever-Virgin is Mater Misericordiae—the Mother of Mercy.

Simply put, Mary brought forth Christ Who is mercy to our human race.

And we acknowledge Our Lady as the Mother of Mercy who spares no effort in being the conduit through which Christ’s precious mercy comes to our Church and our world.

The late Dominican theologian Father Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange identified four invocations from the Litany of Loreto that bespeak specifically of Our Lady’s role as the Mother of Mercy: Health of the sick; Refuge of sinners; Comforter of the afflicted; Help of Christians.

The realities represented by these titles, which are by no means exhaustive, help us to understand to whom Mary dispenses the priceless mercy of God.

We continue to be aware of His abundant mercy that He willingly grants to us and of our subsequent obligation and privilege to share that same mercy with our neighbors. The moto chosen by Pope Francis for the recently concluded Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy, “Be merciful as the Father is merciful” (Saint Luke 6:36), will never grow stale; it will always challenge us.

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