Jesus and Mary--The Models for Our Prayer: Friday, July 15, 2016 (The Holy Year of Mercy)

J.M.J. With so much to be thankful for and so much unrest in our world, our prayer has a rich texture of both gratitude and supplication. 

Faith, family, friends, health, . . . these and many more realities are often for what we thank God. Perhaps paradoxically, many times we petition Him for the same!

So, what we thank Jesus for is also what we need.

Take these gifts from the Lord and add a healthy number of intentions--peace, respect for human life, deeper love of Christ and His Church, those who are far from God, race relations, our Faithful Departed, sufficient food, clothing and shelter for all--and now we have a multilayered offering to God.

Jesus and Mary prayed. Their prayer reflected profound thanks to the Father and the concerns nearby and far.

May our prayer imitate that of the Son and His Mother.

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