Our Offering to the Ever-Virgin Mary: Wednesday, July 29, 2015

J.M.J. "Marian consecration can be defined as a complete donation of one's life to Our Lady. It corresponds to the demand of true love: he who loves, senses the need to give himself to the person he loves, to belong competely and irrevocably to the other.

(. . . . )

"Our self-donation to the Immaculate must be continuous and unlimited. (. . . . ) In order to live out this consecration, it is necessary to be intimately and habitually united to Mary in thought, affection and action." 

--The Reverend Stefano Maria Miotto, F.I., "Marian Consecration: Our 'Offering' to the Immaculate" in Missio Immaculatae International (January/February 2015), 3.


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