Tuesday, January 20, 2015

J.M.J. Our Lady and the Church is a highly esteemed work by the Reverend Hugo Rahner, S.J. Originally published in 1961, it was reprinted in 2004 by Zaccheus Press in Bethesda, Maryland.

Here is a little taste from pages 61-62.

---   ---   ---   ---

"How lovable she is, this mother of ours! Let us offer thanks to the Father and to Christ our brother, that we have been granted to be children of Mary our Mother, of our mother the Church. And let us say it once more: there can be no contradiction between a tender devotion to Mary and a deep love of the Church. We can always be ready to exclaim with Ambrose, in a transport of delight about belonging to the Church:

Where is there a woman like to the 
Church in multitude of children? 
A virgin in her mysteries, 
a mother of the nations, 
so fruitful is she that the Scripture says of her:
'Many are the children of the desolate, 
more than of her that hath a husband' (Isaiah 53:1).
The Church stands untouched by evil,
and fruitful by the Spirit."

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