Sunday, January 25, 2015

J.M.J. From the "I do not believe that I have ever heard that before but wish that I had" category:

Saint Thomas Aquinas, whose liturgical Memorial is this Wednesday, January 28th, wrote in his Summa Theologica (III, q. 83, a. 4, ad 9) that the "Angel" mentioned in "The Roman Canon" (Eucharistic Prayer I) of the Mass is really Jesus Christ before He became incarnate.


Here is the part of the Canon called the Supplices:

"In humble prayer we ask You, Almighty God: command that these Gifts be borne by the Hands of Your Holy Angel to Your Altar on high in the sight of Your Divine Majesty, so that all of us, who through this participation at the Altar receive the Most Holy Body and Blood of Your Son, may be filled with every Grace and Heavenly Blessing. (Through Christ our Lord. Amen.)"

Saint Thomas believed that, in this passage, which is addressed to God the Father, "Your Holy Angel" is the Second Parson of the Most Blessed Trinity before He became flesh by the Holy Spirit in the Chaste Womb of the Ever-Virgin Mary.

The Angelic Doctor penned: " . . . by the Angel we are to understand Christ Himself, Who is the "Angel of Great Counsel" (Isaiah 9:6: Septuagint), Who unites His Mystical Body with God the Father and the Church Triumphant."

Absolutely awesome!  

O Lady, pray that we may understand!

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