Wisdom from Mother Teresa, a True Daughter of Mary: Wednesday, July 6, 2016 (The Holy Year of Mercy)

J.M.J. I love Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr, whose Feast is today. A true follower of Our Lady.

Another follower of Mary, who was a virgin and certainly a "white" martyr if not a "red" one, is Blessed Mary Teresa of Kolkata, whom Pope Francis will canonize on Sunday, September 4th in Rome.

A few welcome spiritual gems from this great servant of Jesus Christ.


“My prayer for each one of you is that you be only all for Jesus through Mary.”

“Mary, give me your Heart so beautiful, so pure, so immaculate, your Heart so full of love and humility that I may be able to receive Jesus in the Bread of Life and love Him as you love Him and serve Him in the distressing guise of the poor.”

“Mary, Mother of Jesus, be a Mother to me now. Mary, Mother of Jesus, help me to be pure and humble like you, because I want to be holy and pleasing to the Blessed Trinity as you were and are.” 

“Let us ask Our Lady to give us her Heart, so beautiful, so pure, so immaculate to love Jesus, that we may be able to receive Jesus in the Bread of Life and to love Him in the distressing disguise of the poor.” 

First Exhortation

“We must not be afraid to proclaim Christ’s love and love as He loved. In the work we have to do, it does not matter how small and humble it may be, make it Christ’s love in action. Rejoice that once more Christ is working through the world in you and through you going about doing good.”

“We read in the Scripture that God so loved the world that He gave us His only Son. Our Lady received Him in her womb with a humble Heart, with a pure Heart, when she went in haste to give Jesus to others. She went into the house of Elizabeth just to be the Handmaid. She put her love for Jesus into action for others. This is what Jesus came to do, to love others as His Father loves. Mary taught us to serve, to love one another. Where does this love begin? At home! The family that prays together will stay together. Then if you stay together you will love each other as God loves each one of us. It is not necessary to do great things but instead little things with love. Mary went to Elizabeth’s house to do little things. We know how she went, and when she went the little one jumped with joy. John was chosen to recognize Jesus.”

Second Exhortation

“Try to be Jesus’ love, Jesus’ compassion, Jesus’ presence to each other and the Poor you serve. All this will be possible if you keep close to Mary the Mother of Jesus and our Mother. She will guide and protect you and keep you only all for Jesus.”

“Who is Jesus to me?”

Jesus is the Word made Flesh.

Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Jesus is the Victim offered for our sins on the Cross.

Jesus is the Sacrifice offered at the Holy Mass for the sins of the world and mine.

Jesus is the Word to be spoken.

Jesus is the Truth to be told.

Jesus is the Way to be walked.

Jesus is the Light to be lit.

Jesus is the Life to be lived.

Jesus is the Love to be loved.

Jesus is the Joy to be shared.

Jesus is the Sacrifice to be offered.

Jesus is the Peace to be given.

Jesus is the Bread of Life to be eaten.

Jesus is the Hungry to be fed.

Jesus is the Thirsty to be satiated.

Jesus is the Naked to be clothed.

Jesus is the Homeless to be taken in.

Jesus is the Sick to be healed.

Jesus is the Lonely to be loved.

Keep your eyes pure so that Jesus may look through them.

Keep your tongue pure so that Jesus may speak with your tongue.

Keep your hands pure so that Jesus may work with your hands.

Keep your mind pure so that Jesus may think His thoughts in your mind.

Keep your heart pure so that He may love with your heart.

Ask Jesus to live His own life in you because:

He is the Truth of humility,

He is the Light of Charity,

He is the Life of Sanctity.

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