Blessed Mary and the Most Blessed Sacrament: Monday, July 11, 2016 (The Holy Year of Mercy)

J.M.J. O Virgin Immaculate, after having been present at the death of thy Divine Son on Calvary, where thou didst unite thy immense sorrow to the Redeemer's Sacrifice, thou didst frequently assist at the real, though mysterious, renewal of the adorable Sacrifice in the celebration of the Holy Mass.

Teach us to esteem the divine action performed at the Altar and to make Holy Communion the center of our life; obtain for us the grace to be able often, and even daily, to assist piously at the Holy Sacrifice.
O Virgin Immaculate, who, after the Ascension of thy Divine Son, didst console thy exile on earth by the Real Presence of Jesus in the Sacrament, and didst spend hours daily before the Tabernacle. With the most lively faith and the most profound respect thou didst adore Jesus hidden under the sacramental veils.

Make us comprehend the treasure we possess on the Altar and inspire us to visit often the God of Love in the Sacrament in which He abides.

"A Collection of Prayers"

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