Coming to Grips with Marian Veneration: Saturday, February 27, 2016

J.M.J. Why would anyone object to the veneration paid by Catholics to the Blessed Virgin Mary? 

She is the Ever-Virgin Mother of God, conceived without Original Sin, assumed into Heaven and crowned as the Queen of Heaven and earth.

Of course, not everyone believes this.

Some say that Catholics have manufactured these beliefs about Mary. The truths behinds these beliefs do not really exist because they are not in the Holy Bible.

The only Church founded by the Son of God and Son of Mary disagrees and teaches otherwise. These truths may not be explicitly in Sacred Scripture, yet they are implicitly so. 

And these truths also reside in another place. Catholics hold to what was held for approximately 1,500 years after the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ: the Apostolic Tradition, referred to in the Holy Gospel according to Saint John (see 21:25).

Sadly, the Apostolic Tradition was one of many casualties of the Reformation and today also not accepted by many.

Where does this leave us?

Christianity has been rendered asunder by strife and discord.

Those of us who honor Our Lady pray for a new era where all the time-honored truths of Christendom will once again be cherished.

O Lady, make it so.

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