Devotion to Our Lady is a Necessity: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

J.M.J. "Mary is our mother, the most admirable of mothers--Mater admirabilis; and we are her children, the best, the most faithful, the most loving, the most devoted of her children! Seen in this filial aspect, the cult of the Virgin seems more than ever a necessity, a spontaneous and an absolute need of the religious soul. At the very hour of our spiritual birth, it must have been deeply rooted in our being. 'Ah!' the Cure' of Ars used to cry, 'the holy Virgin is my oldest love; and I really believe that I loved her before I knew her.' He had this love in his veins from the day of his Baptism, through which he became the child of God and the child of Our Lady.

"As Leo XIII used to remark, every Christian goes to Mary as if 'drawn by a kind of natural impulse.' (Encyclical AdjutricemIndeed, devotion to the Virgin is innate, congenital, instinctive in us."

--The Reverend Louis Colin, C.SsR., Our Lady: Queen of the Religious Life, 163.

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