Tuesday, June 16, 2015: Our Comfort in Distress

J.M.J. "O Mary, overshadow me and I shall be calm and confident. Accompany me on my way and lead me by secret paths. I shall not be spared suffering, but you will arouse in me a real hunger for it, as for an indispensable food. Mary! Your name is sweet as honey and balm to my lips. Hail, Mary! who can resist you? Who can be lost if he says, 'Hail, Mary?' You are the Mother of the little ones, the health of the sick, the star in storms . . . . Oh! Mary! If I am helpless, without courage, without consolation, I run to you and cry: Ave Maria! You are the comfort of slaves, the courage of little ones, the strength of the weak, Ave Maria! When I say your Name, my whole heart is inflamed, Ave Maria! Joy of Angels, food of souls, Ave Maria!"

--See Blessed Edward Poppe (1890-1924)

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