First Saturday, June 6, 2015: The Immaculate Heart of Mary knows, loves and serves the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

J.M.J. Saint John Paul II urged us to go to Our Blessed Lady—in fact, to enroll in the school of Mary—if we really want to understand and love her Son Jesus. “The school of Mary is all the more effective if we consider that she teaches by obtaining for us in abundance the gifts of the Holy Spirit, even as she offers us the incomparable example of her own ‘pilgrimage of faith’” (Rosarium Virginis Mariae, 14).

Simply put, we learn Jesus Christ from Mary. Besides helping us to know and comprehend what the Master said and did two millennia ago, Mary shows Christ to us. Our sincere veneration of Mary infallibly ushers us into a deeper awareness of and love for the sacred person of Jesus and His indescribable charity and compassion for us.

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