Our Lady, the Queen of Life: Wednesday, January 20, 2016

J.M.J. Those who have long worked for the protection of innocent human life—particularly that of preborn children—will testify to the many and varied vicissitudes that the pro-life movement has endured for over four decades.

A significant gain (e.g., the revelation of fresh, hard medical data confirming the unique individuality of a tiny fetus) by the right-to-life forces is always the cause of great hope, while a setback (e.g., the election of a pro-abortion president or other pro-abortion officeholders) gives rise to feelings of discouragement. In 2016, we observe how the pro-death forces, represented by Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List among others, tout as future stars new, young candidates for public office who unabashedly trumpet their support for abortion-on-demand.

The essential, critical spiritual component of this notable and sacred pro-life work, however, urges all those involved in what is inarguably a Herculean struggle of unquestionable import to remember that while successes and failures will inevitably occur, the Creator of all life wants above all else that defenders of life continue to do the best they possibly can. The often-quoted statement of Blessed Mary Teresa of Calcutta (+1997) rings true and is applicable here: “God doesn’t necessarily desire that we be successful; He always desires that we be faithful.”

Our Lady, the Queen of Life, is the Mother of all those who seek justice for those who are left out. No wonder that her powerful intercession is our strength. 

The history of the Church is full of one example after another of heroic men and women, boys and girls who outwardly seemed to fail; yet, inwardly these same stalwarts enjoyed the height of sanctity, thanks to their persistent, grace-inspired efforts to effect change in almost impossible situations.

It is only the strength of the Lord that keeps all those fighting to defend human life on the proverbial “even-keel”: avoiding the giddiness of certain victories, while simultaneously refusing to submit to despondency because of defeat.

To remain convinced of God’s assistance in the midst of this “spiritual warfare”—that ferocious conflict between the forces of good and evil—is absolutely paramount. Otherwise, the darkness of believing that one has been abandoned is sure to set in.

Our ceaseless efforts—regardless of the goal—are only as good as our prayer. Work without spiritual backing is bound to miss the mark that it would reach if nourished by communion with the Redeemer.

When fed by intimate, humble contact with the Savior, our works become enlivened by divine grace. Then, they are not just good “human” acts but also “supernatural” acts that please God and have beneficial effects in the spiritual realm as well as the earthly, material sphere.

Consistent, prayerful labors are required to assure the protection of preborn babies. God will surely not forget to bless and multiply the good deeds of all those who seek to be faithful to the noble aim of helping those who cannot help themselves.

The forty-third anniversary of the Supreme Court’s disastrous Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion serves as a clarion call to all those connected to the holy mission of defending life: remember your origin and source! God alone through Our Lady will secure the victory so ardently sought. Immersed in prayer, sacrifice and unrelenting work, the faithful will be rewarded by the Almighty—Who still is in charge.

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