The Mary-Eve Parallel in Living Color: Thursday, December 17, 2015

J.M.J. Please look at "Mary and Eve," a Pencil and Ink drawing by Sister Grace Remington, O.C.S.O. (copyright 2005).

Many thanks to Kerrie for sharing it.

I find this to be a remarkable depiction . . . a study in contrast, if you will, between Our Lady and Eve.

Thanks to Saint Irenaeus of Lyon, Bishop and Martyr (circa 130-circa 200), we have the useful insight of the Mary-Eve Parallel: Our Lady's fiat canceled the "no" of Eve's disobedience.

Now, I hope with confidence that Eve is in Heaven. My comments are not to disparage her, but rather to acknowledge that any comparison with the Ever-Virgin Mother of God does not go well for the other party!

Here is what I found.

Eve: distressed; downcast; unable to look directly at Our Lady; clothed with her hair; immodest attire; red is often a color of passion; her appearance is sensual, even seductive; flowers adorn her head; sterile; the serpent (Satan) has its grip; holds an apple, which is different from the abundant fruit seen in the trees that God allowed; grasps Our Lady's hand but dares not, because of her sin, touch her Womb where Christ resides.

MARY: peaceful; hopeful; looks directly at Eve; robed in a white dress; modest attire; white is for purity, while blue is for royalty; her appearance is utterly beautiful and respectful; no adornment necessary; with Child; crushes the head of the serpent (Satan) without fear; no desire for material goods; touches tenderly Eve's face.

What have I missed?

Our Lady=The New Eve

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