Our Lady and Saint Nicholas of Tolentino: Thursday, September 10, 2015

J.M.J. The previous liturgical calendar before that published during the Pontificate of Blessed Paul VI (1963-1978) listed Saint Nicholas of Tolentino (circa 1245-1305) on September 10th.

The story is told that this Italian priest and religious, one day when he was gravely ill, saw Our Lady, Saint Monica and her son Saint Augustine in a vision. The Trio exhorted him to dip into water a roll that had a cross on it and then to eat it. After he was cured of his malady, he took similar bread, recited over it prayers to the Ever-Virgin and then administered it to others. The rolls became known as "Saint Nicholas Bread."

How do you and I, in the Most Holy Names of Jesus and Mary, serve the sick?

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